Our mustard

Our mustard is made with love because food is our passion and we love what we do!

Newman Slayer mustard is hand-made in Hamburg, Germany! We try to bring back the art of traditional food making just like our grandparents did in the past. We truly care for the taste and quality of our mustard.

What drives us is to better understand what we eat and where our food comes from. We find that this is almost impossible with standard industrial food that we buy at most supermarkets these days. Therefore, we have carefully selected all our ingredients. We source the mustard seeds from organic farmers in Southern Germany and use organic spices and local honey in our mustard flavors. Our mustard tastes like no other mustard you know and we like to experiment with an interesting variety of flavors. Stop by our shop regularly to explore the different flavors.


Please understand that our website and shop are in English. We want share our love for mustard with everybody from planet earth.